IT Project Management Consulting

We help you build superior apps and websites for competitive advantage. We work with award-winning developers in Palo Alto to deliver Silicon Valley quality for what you pay other developers with half the skills and experience.

You deserve the best! Why settle for less?

How We Assist Clients

We help clients in many ways:

Build for Mobile, Web, Tablet,
& Smartwatch

We help technical and nontechnical clients build projects of exceptional quality across all platforms. Got a project in mind? Let’s talk.

How We Work


We are focused and committed to minimizing cost and maximizing value without compromising quality. To that end, our firm’s philosophy is to combine careful development of sound strategy with strong academic work and a lean, efficient approach to project management consulting.

Range of Work

Each project brings unique experiences and opportunities for new challenges. We pursue a diverse range of work but accept only a limited number of projects to ensure we allocate the resources required. However, we welcome projects regardless of size, scope, or complexity.


Depending on our work, we may charge hourly, a flat fee, or a percentage-of-project fee based on overall cost. We have no surprise or hidden fees. However, client change requests affecting scope and timeline once development is underway are subject to additional compensation.

Why Choose Us

We Save You Time & Money

We monitor progress and scrutinize all expenses to ensure you do not pay for mistakes or unauthorized work. Our participation also guarantees to save you money just by helping you avoid expensive pitfalls.

We Minimize Your Risk

We have the necessary skills, experience, and aptitude to minimize risk and ensure a successful project. Our participation decreases the likelihood of the unexpected and reduces the magnitude of its impact.

We Help You Succeed

We apply modern techniques to manage scope, quality, expenses, and deadlines, and we set you up with award-winning developers who give you a competitive advantage and the best chance at success.